Tick Season!

Tick season is upon us, I have already been removing ticks on pets in the shop. The start of June is when the season will peak for ticks please talk to your veterinarian about the best prevention for your pet.

Fun on a sunny beautiful day!

Gunner is sitting nicely on the enrichment center enjoying this beautiful sunny day out in the play yard.  We know your pup will enjoy his or her stay with us. We are booking for the summer at this time.

Why is nail trimming so important?

Why is nail trimming so important? As your dogs nail grows the vein grows with the nail when trimming the nail if you hit the vein it can cause some discomfort for your pet. Your pet can tear one if it gets caught on carpet  & also it’s hard for your pets to walk around… Read more »

One On One Time

We love our one on one time! Play time out back on the enrichment center, learning new skills and also exercising their brains. Here at Clary Cuts Kennel we are a small one on one boarding kennel less noise and stress for your pet when boarding.

Love is in the Air

It’s the month of love, and we are busy getting everyone ready for Valentines Day! Remember to book all your boarding reservations early. All dogs must be current and have proof of DHPP, Rabies and bordetella. We are a small boarding kennel with one on one care given to each pet. Safety is number one… Read more »