The Benefits of Adopting

Are you considering getting a new pet to add to your family?

Check out Columbia County Animal Services at 1940 William Few Parkway, Grovetown GA 30814.
The Benefits of adopting are:
1) You’ll be saving a life & making room for another pet to enter the shelter.
2) Unconditional love, a shelter dog knows when he or she is saved and they will be a very loyal family member.
3) Adult dogs are already house trained and some may know basic obedience commands.
4) You will have a nice selection to choose from all different sizes and breeds.
5) You will gain a walking partner.

When you find a pup that you would like to add to your family, you’ll be able to go into the play yard to see how this pup will fit into your family, you’ll be able to see the personality of the dog and how the dog interacts with your family. Take your time when your adopting, you want to make sure that the dog fits in with your family. Remember that a dog is a Lifetime Commitment. Other things to think of prior to adopting a dog; your dog may need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks, and what is the energy level of this pet. Please don’t overlook the senior dogs in the shelters. Every pet deserves a second chance at life.

Visit Columbia County Animal Services websites to view photos of the stray pets in the facility.

If you’re on Facebook you can check out a page that is dedicated to just getting senior dogs adopted, Susie’s Senior Dogs, or visit the web page at

Susie’s Senior Dogs is a Non-Profit Organization