Traveling with your pets?

Prior to traveling with your pet, make sure your pet is current on all vaccines and you have all your pet’s medications. I highly recommend bringing your pet’s medical history with you, just in case your pet needs treatment while traveling. I recommend bringing your pet’s own food and water from home, so you won’t have upset stomach issues while traveling. Always plan ahead, so you don’t have any headaches while traveling, you can check for pet friendly hotels online at Always be courteous to other guests, one bad pet parent can ruin it for all the good out there. Remember to always clean up after your pet.

For the safety of your pet while traveling have your pet in a dog crate, that is the safest place for your pet, god forbid if you’re in a car accident your dog will be secure in its crate and would not run out or away. I have read stories of people being involved in a car accident and the dog was not crated and it took off running and is missing, so please keep your pet in a secure crate. If you have to leave your pet in the hotel room while you step out, leave your pet in his or her crate and leave the TV on to help block out noise, most hotels will not clean the room if the pet is loose in the room.

If you’re pet has a microchip make sure that it is registered and has current information. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and ID with current info and include an emergency contact number when traveling.
Never allow your pet to put his head outside the window while traveling, that can lead to eye injuries. Your pet’s eyes are exposed to dirt, rocks and any other road debris. Safety of your pet is my number one concern. They part of the family.Walking Dog
When stopping to exercise your pet, or have a potty break make sure it’s away from the roadway and always keep them on a leash, make sure the collar is nice and snug so they can’t slip out if they are spooked from traffic.

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